About Us -

The mountains are calling and I must go.

- John Muir

Travel is mandatory for all of us to explore and experience our selves. From past 04 years, our company is playing a major role to help people to feel more, live more and experience more. We started this initiative to create a community of like minded souls who enjoys with Nature.

Our first ever event was started with the journey to Harishchandragad and since then we've organized more than 460+ events. We have a happy family of 23 team members from different age groups, culture and various social groups. Our humble beginnings have grown to over 15 no of seats and till date catered to 9000 adventure lovers by delivering stress free and a memorable experience with best quality and safety measures.
We are a team of ordinary people with extraordinary ambitions and goals. Our prime goal is to make you feel safe while you're having the best adventure of your life. And make each journey of your's memorable for life long. Also we respect and are very proud of our ancient heritage and aim to provide you all with the necessary information about our culture, tradition and historical events. This will help you to enhance the cultural importance of this places.
Values we love to maintain

  1. Quality of Services
  2. Our team believes in providing the best services possible to our participants. We don't believe in compromising quality considering the monetary benefits. For us, Satisfaction of our participants is the only priority when it comes to services.

  3. Eco-Friendly
  4. We respect the mother nature and expect our participants to do the same. We believe in, "Take only memories, leave only footprints" ,which we believe is the best way to maintain the harmony between adventure and nature.

  5. Respect
  6. We respect the personal space and choices of our participants as long as they are not harming our safety guidelines. We respect all the people from the base villages and have utmost respect for their services and help and we expect our participants to do the same.

  7. Cultural and Historical Values
  8. We strive to maintain the dignity of historical places with all our heart. We believe in enriching participants knowledge by giving them all the information about cultural and historical prestige of our Trekking Places and believe in enhancing their importance in the lives of our participants.

Durg Vede (Team)

Rushikesh Malawade


A passionate traveller and mountaineer. He has explored more than 200 treks in the Sahyadri mountain range. He is a great leader and skilled hiker. He has successfully led more than 100 treks. He is dedicating most of his time to build a community of people that loves nature, believe in maintaining our heritage and culture.

Kunal Gawde Business Head
Kunal Gawde
The Startup Guy 😎


Amita Business Strategist
IIM - Ahmedabad,
COEP πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


Vinod Ban Trek Leader
Vinod Ban
Transforming Experience πŸ’Ό

Managing Head

Swapnil Bhondve Design Head
Swapnil Bhondve
Art is Explosion! πŸ”₯


Saurabh Ghogare Marketing Head
Saurabh Ghogare
Delivering Quality Experience ✌️


Gursimran Singh Trek Leader
Gursimran Singh

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Tushar Lohar Trek Leader
Tushar Lohar

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Kiran Barkade  Trek Leader
Kiran Barkade

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Sushant Sawant  Trek Leader
Sushant Sawant

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Nishad Pachange  Trek Leader
Nishad Pachange

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Samiksha Jadhav  Trek Leader
Samiksha Jadhav

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Harshad Naikare Trek Leader
Harshad Naikare

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Amol Udage  Trek Leader
Amol Udage

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Baliram Aute Trek Leader
Baliram Aute

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Monali Jadhav Trek Leader
Monali Jadhav

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Ajay Landge Trek Leader
Ajay Landge

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Ashwini Kharat  Trek Leader
Ashwini Kharat

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Anant Jadhav Trek Leader
Anant Jadhav

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Nanda Diwate Trek Leader
Nanda Diwate

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Ashwini Jamthe Trek Leader
ashwini Jamthe

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Shivraj Chirmure Leader
Shivraj Chirmure

Trek Leader πŸŒ„

Kunal Antre Trek Leader
Kunal Antre

Trek Leader πŸŒ„