The Thrilling Night Trek In Kalsubai

Kalsubai Night Trek: The 5 Most Important Things To Know

Kalsubai is Maharashtra's tallest peak, located in the Western Ghats. It reaches a dizzying height of 5400 feet (1646 m). This mountain, which stands high above sea level at a considerable height with the lush green cover that surrounds it in its shelter and makes it a symbol of breath-taking vista, provides us with a lovely view of the Sahyadri mountains. Kalsubai is Maharashtra's most popular trekking location, offering the most panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Kalsubai Night Trek has recently gained popularity due to its excellent infrastructure and well-constructed roads and steps. A fantastic journey for those who enjoy stargazing and camping at night.


I've always wondered why it's known as Kalsubai Peak. This tallest mountain, like other places, has a story behind its name.
During our trek, I came across several stories about this massive peak — Kalsubai – Maharashtra's all-time tallest peak.


In the Akola Taluka in Ahmednagar district, there were once three sisters named Kalsubai, Ratnabai, and Katrabai. These sisters inspired a number of Gads to be named after them.
Kalsubai is most likely called after a Koli girl named 'Kalsu' who used to wander through the forest. And the narrative is well-known throughout the community. Kalsu was discovered roaming in the jungle, according to the story. And it was in Indore that she arrived, at the foot of the hill. Kalsubai Peak is the name given to this hill. She used to assist a Koli household on the condition that she never cleans utensils or sweeps the floor. Things were going well until a family asked her to clean some utensils and the floor. She did exactly what she was told and climbed the hill without saying anything. People claim she was at the very top of the mountain until she died. The spot where Kalsu washed the utensils is known as 'Thale Mel,' and the spot where she cleared all the litters is known as 'Kaladara.


On February 26th, at 6 p.m., we began our voyage. Around 11 p.m., we arrived in the base settlement. We began with roll call and food following a little break. Then we set out for our goal of reaching the peak of Kalsubai. We had a great time singing, reciting shayaris, and cracking jokes along the way. What a fantastic journey! Thousands of stars, melodic music, a beautiful perspective, and a superb environment, I must say. I was totally immersed in nature's beauty. It's not easy to build wonders. If there are seven wonders of the world, this is the eighth

Kalsubai village has a traditional village feel to it, with people carrying pots on their heads and walking miles for water, little cottages decorated with bright colours, farmland, and cows.
A dream come true for metropolitan centres, where peace is hard to come by. When you foot upon the earth of Kalsubai, the frenetic pace of today's world appears to have slowed down.
The hike began with a modest temple dedicated to Kalsubai. We never slowed down until we reached the summit.


It is extremely plain, but it has its own beauty due to basic carvings, making it unique and a tourist attraction.


The best aspect about the Kalsubai trip is that even crippled persons come here for darshan. We also encountered blind and deaf hikers here. Kalsubai is well recognised for its iron stairs and well-built infrastructure for tourists and devotees to climb. These iron ladders are so well-made that trekkers find it simple to ascend them. Because the ladder is narrow, I recommend that just a few individuals in a group utilise it at the same time for safety. Though it is simple, one should always be cautious of their safety because this is not a typical day hike but rather an adventurous night route.

It's a 6.6-kilometer hike with a 2,700-foot elevation climb. Despite the fact that it is relatively difficult for beginners, it is well worth the effort – Lush green landscapes, several waterfalls, the Krushnavanti River (a tributary of the Pravara), Hanuman Temple, the Temple at the Summit, and many other attractions can be found here. This location becomes a popular tourist destination after the monsoon because of the diversity of flowers that bloom in all colours and transform the mountain into a lovely bride with a shawl of colourful flowers draped over it. Flowers in bloom, a lovely view, and hundreds of butterflies and other insects add to its allure.
The top plateau was small, with only 80-100 people allowed at a time.
Because of this location, the night appeared to be more beautiful than it had ever been. It's ideal for rock rappelling. People were enthralled by the weather and the stars in the sky, which inspired a communal singing session and a bonfire. We were ordered to leave after morning, which was a terrible conclusion. We climbed it to the summit before the sun rose and had a lovely time with a few nibbles and the orange flag.


Umbrella falls, Arthur lake, Pravara River, Ratanwadi temple


North side - Ramshej, Harihargad, Brahmagiri, Anjaneri, Ghargad, Bahula, Tringalwadi, Kavnai, 
East Side - Aundha, Vishramgad, Bitangad
West Side - Alang, Madangad, Kulang, Ratangad
South Side - Pabhargad, Ghanchakkar, Harishchandragad and many more


The mountain can be seen entirely with a clear view from Bari village. It is located at the distance of 6 km from Bhandardara. 

By Road to Kalsubai - Igatpuri is accessible by road via the Mumbai-Nashik route.

By Train - There are trains from Mumbai to Kasara railway station. Then there are state buses that run on the Akole-Kasara route, which take you up to the base village. There are numerous private and public vehicles available.

'Life is brief; don't let it pass you by without taking in the wonders of nature.' You will be a great winner the day you realise that our surroundings are the best teacher and inspiration for life.

Go all the way to the summit and don't look back.

On the summit of Kalsubai, feel your best, rest a while.

The only way to get a kick out of life is to go out at night. So at least once in your life, go on a night trip. I strongly advise you to begin your journey here since its beauty is guaranteed to drive you insane